Introducing KartaLink

Tired of manually transferring and managing your Tesla's video recordings? Say hello to KartaLink, a small computer designed to streamline your video storage with rapid access to your footage, effortless sharing options, user-friendly interface and secure cloud storage.

πŸš€ Upgrade Your Storage

KartaLink seamlessly connects to your Tesla's USB Storage port, taking the hassle out of video backups. No more fumbling with cables or manual transfers; KartaLink handles it all with ease.

πŸ“± Tesla Dashcam On Your Phone

Access your video library from anywhere with the convenience of your mobile device. KartaLink empowers you to view your Tesla's videos on the go, putting your footage right at your fingertips.

πŸ’« Cloud Storage and Sharing

Sharing memorable moments or important clips has never been easier with cloud backup. KartaLink simplifies the process, allowing you to effortlessly share videos with friends and family.

Download KartaLink Companion App

Designed to be used for uploading and reviewing videos from your car.

The Android app is coming soon!